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Superman ride


In our superman ride, you will experience the fastest way of flying without a motor! With your head first, you can be your own Superman for a day (or well, at least part of a day!) by flying through the air at a maximum speed of 120 km! This ride is for the thrill-seekers with a full kilometre (more than 3000ft) of pure adrenaline over a sensational Icelandic landscape. Sorry, no capes are allowed on this journey! 🙂

Add to your experience

High-Quality Video Footage of your Flight

Now you can re-live your other life as a bird over and over again! We capture the highlight moments of your ride with a network of smart, sensor-activated cameras placed around the Zipline. The multi-angle video is immediately available to our guests after their ride. It is also possible to share it instantly on social media with One-click!

ISK 2,900 Per person

This option is unfortunately not available at the moment.

What’s included ?

Duration and difficulty

Cancellation policy

There is no refund if the booking is cancelled less than 24h before the event

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we are now open daily*

*pending weather