Come prepared

for the Icelandic weather

Come prepared

for the Icelandic weather

What should I bring with me?

Warm clothes

Wind- and water-proof clothing to ward off the sometimes inclement Icelandic weather.

Good shoes

Sturdy shoes or boots for the
walk up to the drop zone.

For the hike

Your best smile for a stunning
candid shot during your flight.

Our requirements

*In certain wind conditions we may raise the minimum weight

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

The weather in Iceland can be very unpredictable. A variety of weather just means the Mega Zipline experience will always be new and exciting, all year round. We always recommend our guests come dressed in wind- and water-proof jackets and even wind- and water-proof trousers in the fall and winter. It’s also a good idea to wear a light hat and mittens. You want to spend your flight enjoying the moment and the views, not wishing you had dressed better.

Part of the experience involves walking on a trail that can be uneven and wet, and climbing a few steps up to the tower before your flight, so a sturdy pair of walking shoes is recommended.

If the weather is too poor to operate the zipline safely, we will notify everyone with a booking as far in advance as possible.


It is best to come by car. Simply type Hveragerði or Reykjadalur in Google Maps or Apple Maps and follow the directions. The drive from Reykjavík, taking Route 1, is 50 km and takes just about 45 minutes from Reykjavik Bus no. 51 drives from Reykjavik to Hveragerði. The bus stop is roughly 4 km from Mega Zipline's reception centre, so be prepared to walk or take a taxi. The bus stops by a service centre.
The ziplines at Mega Zipline have been installed by ziplining experts from Canada who have set up ziplines worldwide. The line itself is an exceptionally strong steel cable specially engineered in Italy for this project. The equipment that attaches to the wire and trolly (the rolling mechanism making contact with the cable) is specifically designed for ziplines -- it is strong and adheres to a high safety standard. Moreover, the distance between the cable and trolley and the harness is large enough to ensure those using the zipline cannot snare themselves or their hair in the mechanism. Specially trained pilots ensure that all safety rules are followed. All guests receive a helmet to use during the flight.
Yes, you can always move the date of your booking, as long as there is availability.
The national bird of Iceland is the gyrfalcon. It's also the world's fastest bird at level flight, reaching speeds up to 109 km/hr. At Mega Zipline, flying Fast as a Falcon is the option to use a hammock-like harness in which guests lay on their stomachs and fly headfirst down the zipline. Much like the gyrfalcon, Mega Zipline's "falcons" can reach speeds over 100 m/hr. This is the way to go if you want to feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Yes, you can always upgrade to Falcon on site and pay the difference, as long as there is availability.  We have somewhat limited number of harnesses for Falcon, so the availability is less than the Bird.

There is usually no need to book in advance, although we recommend doing so to guarantee your preferred flight time. During the summer high season we depart on a regular basis (every 20 – 30 min), so it is unlikely you will have to wait long for the next departure if you decide to visit us without a booking (unless there is a group booking, then wait times may be longer). In winter we have limited departures, so during the winter season we strongly recommend booking in advance to guarantee your preferred flight time is not sold out.

You should allow for 45 – 70 minutes (depending on number of bookings)  from the time you check-in to when you return the gear.

You can control your speed to an extent. By sitting upright and making yourself “bigger” you will go slower. Laying back with your arms close to your body and legs together, will make you go faster.
Yes, everybody riding with us needs to sign a waiver. This is done electronically when you make your booking (or at our location).
Of course! If you opt to purchase the video footage of your ride on the Mega Zipline, you can share it with your family, friends, or the world as you wish.

This is because the Superman harness is not compatible with the Free Fall.  Only those wearing conventional (seated) harness can do the Free Fall.

Do you have any questions?

we are now open daily*

*pending weather