Your safety

is our priority​

Your safety

is our priority​

Safety First

We at Mega Zipline put great emphasis on the safety of all our guests and staff members. All employees have received extensive training on general safety and the safe operation of all equipment involved in operating our ziplines. All the equipment used by Mega Zipline was designed and installed by Canadian zipline experts and is used in zipline parks in Canada, the US and in more than 30 countries around the world. Experts regularly inspect all our equipment.

Before using the ziplines, guests are outfitted with helmets and “falcons” also receive special goggles to keep the wind out of their eyes since they’re travelling at higher speeds. Our zipline pilots review safety precautions and instructions in detail before each and every flight so the focus during the flight can be on everyone having a good time.

The Braking

The braking system on our ziplines is fully automated and designed to handle heavy loads at high speeds. These are the best brakes in the business. All you have to do during your flight is smile.

Maintenance &
Safety Tests

Our staff and specialists regularly inspect all safety equipment and carry out routine procedures (some daily, others weekly) for monitoring the equipment’s condition and functionality. The cable and brake systems are closely inspected monthly and given an annual tune-up by the manufacturer. Various other tests — including magnetic and electrical conductivity tests on the lines — are performed regularly to ensure everything is in order at all times.


The Zipline

The lines are custom-made steel cables manufactured in Italy. Each cable is 22mm in diameter and has been tested to hold 17 tons — that’s more than the weight of four elephants. These lines have been engineered to withstand almost everything, even Icelandic weather.

The Pilots

In addition to being experts in keeping our guests entertained, our guides — or pilots, as we like to call them — graduate from a rigorous 50-hour training course to ensure they are experts in the equipment and the safety of those using it. They are all first aid certified.

Our requirements

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This will be fun!

We expect that MegaZipline will be a huge attraction in Hveragerðisbæjar. This will be something spectacular, more than 1 km (3,000 ft.), flying over canyons, rivers and waterfalls. This will be fun!

-Aldís Hafsteinsdóttir, Former Mayor of Hveragerðisbæjar


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