An experience

of a lifetime

An experience

of a lifetime

The Flight

Mega Zipline is suspended over Svartagljúfur canyon, starting atop the Kambar plateau overlooking Hveragerði and leading down to a cafe near the trailhead to the Reykjadalur hot spring valley. Two lines, each 1 km long, run parallel to each other at an average of 10° slope, giving those travelling together a chance to take flight simultaneously.

The adventure begins at Mega Zipline’s reception area by the Reykjadalur trailhead. There, Mega Zipline staff walk guests through all safety precautions and outfit them with the appropriate equipment for their flight. All guests are provided with safety harnesses and a helmet. Those embarking on the “Fast as a Falcon” flight also receive goggles.

From the reception, guests are driven to the start of the “Svartagljúfur” canyon and from there – there is about 10 – 15 minutes walk to the flight tower on Kambar.  The walk is approximately 600 meters with an elevation gain of approximately 70 meters.  During this walk, the guests will enjoy the breathtaking view of the Canyon, including its waterfalls and columnized basalt. When arriving at the fall tower, they will be met by Mega Zipline pilots and briefed again on the safe use of the zipline. Guests are then sent down the zipline — one on each line — for the flight of their life.

Automatic cameras positioned along the line will snap pictures of the experience. When the flight is over, guests return to the reception area (less than 2 minutes walk) to drop off their gear, view their video (or photographs), peruse the gift shop and wish they could go again and again.

Automatic cameras stationed by the zipline in
selective areas will record your flight.

Our rides

Conventional ride Free as a bird

Soaring Free as a Bird (seated in custom-made harnesses) is the most popular way of riding the Mega Zipline. Fly at a more relaxed speed (where you can partially control the speed), making it easier to take in the scenery along the way and enjoy the flight with your travel buddy on the other line.

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Superman ride Fast as a falcon

Flying Fast as a Falcon (lying front-down on a custom-made harness) is how the most daring zoom down the Mega Zipline, soaring headfirst over the gorge. Some “falcons” have reached up to 120 km/hr speeds, with the more competitive flyers racing their travel buddy on the side-by-side lines. Are you brave enough?

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Freefall line Plunge like a puffin

Get the adrenaline rushing through your veins before your flight with a turn on Mega Zipline’s freefall line. Like a puffin plunging from its cliffside nest into the sea below, you’ll freefall 15 metres from Mega Zipline’s tower, secured to a freefall device that will slow your fall and brake in the final metres. 

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The Location

Mega Zipline’s reception centre is located in “The Lodge” – The coffeehouse in beautiful Reykjadalur in Hveragerði, near the trailhead of the hike to the Reykjadalur hot spring valley. Take the northbound exit off Route 1 at the Hveragerði roundabout and follow that road (Breiðamörk) through town. It will take you to Reykjadalur. The reception area is just 4 km from the roundabout, so Mega Zipline is also within walking or cycling distance for those already in Hveragerði.

Reykjadalur valley is known for its natural beauty, and the area’s hot spring river has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southwest Iceland. The area offers several marked hiking trails, and the town swimming pool (Sundlaugin Laugaskarði) is one of the most beautiful in the country.


Mega Zipline’s service desk is located next to Reykjadalur Skáli lodge. Situated at the point where Reykjadalur changes from a road to a hiking trail, it is the start and endpoint of any adventure in Reykjadalur – including a flight on the Mega Zipline. We receive all guests at the service centre before their turn on the zipline. The lodge is also the endpoint of the zipline and the place where guests can buy candid videos snapped during their flight, browse souvenirs, or sit back with a coffee or a bite to eat while taking in the view of Reykjadalur.

In our

There is a lot to do and see in Reykjadalur. Here are some other excellent services and experiences in the vicinity:

Reykjadalur Hot Spring River
Take a hike after your flight. The trail to Reykjadalur’s beautiful hot spring river is well tended to throughout the summer months. Pack a bathing suit to treat yourself to a dip in the geothermal river running through the valley. This trailhead is also a great start and endpoint for longer hikes over Hengil and down to Nesjavellir and Þingvallavatn.

Food & Drink
The Reykjadalur Café next to Mega Zipline’s service desk offers excellent food for you to enjoy before or after the flight. Or before and after. You do you.

There are several other restaurants in the immediate vicinity. The food hall in Gróðurhúsið is home to a number of great restaurants, and there are other fun places to grab a bite in the village, like Ölverk Pizza & Brewery.

Other Experiences

  • Icebike Adventures offers mountain bike tours in the area, riding in a new mountain bike park and exploring routes around Reykjadalur.
  • Laugaskarð, Hveragerði’s community swimming pool, is one of the most beautiful in the country.
  • The area is known for its greenhouses, and some – like our friends at Garðyrkjustöðin Flóra – are open for visitors wanting to learn about geothermal horticulture.
  • The Lava tunnel is a magnificent lava tube (cave) with great accessibility and guided tours. 
  • Black Beach Tours operates several tours in the vicinity of Hveragerði.
  • Hveragerði also boasts a golf course and opportunities for horse riding.

For a small town, Hverageði has an excellent selection of accommodation options, including Gróðurhúsið, Frost og Funi and Hótel Örk.


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