The top 5 attractions around Fagradalsfjall Volcano

There’s plenty to see in the immediate vicinity of Fagradalsfjall volcano. This part of Reykjanes is littered with fascinating ruins and wrecks, as well as bearing evidence of past eruptions in its lava landscape and geothermal properties in its steaming vents. If you’re in the area and you plan to explore, here are our recommendations […]

Where to stay in Hveragerði

Hveragerði is one of the most geothermally active towns in Iceland. This little place in the south of the country draws visitors keen to experience its hot springs. While its greenhouses are popular stops on Golden Circle tours, the town also makes a convenient overnight base. If you’re arriving on a late flight it’s little […]

What to do in Hveragerði

First-time visitors to Iceland might not have considered basing themselves in Hveragerði, but actually, it’s a convenient location for both Reykjavik and the Golden Circle, as well as an easy journey from Keflavik Airport. There’s also plenty to do in and around the town itself, so it’s worth thinking about staying here for a few […]

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